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Authentic Snakeskin

Delicate pieces, please wash carefully without exposing skins to water.

This unique Perlita piece genuine exotic snakeskin, we highly recommend to keep if free from all liquids.

Python skin, being a natural leather absorbs everything. Its beauty will only become even greater and more unique as the piece ages.

Properly taking care of an exotic skin item will extend its life and you will get more enjoyment out of this unique garment.

Please DO NOT wear your Perlita exotics in water, the dyes will run, resulting in water damage to the snake skin, as dyed snakeskin finishes are NOT waterproof.

Do care for your treated snakeskin item by wiping surface dirt using a damp cloth in the direction of the scales. Brush off any excess dirt with a soft-bristled brush, careful not to lift the scales. Snakeskin scales will naturally start to lift in time as they are fine scales of natural variation, texture and grain.

DO NOT use any cleaning agents to clean the snakeskin. Be sure to condition your snakeskin with an exotic leather conditioner (Lanolin based is best) specifically for exotic skins.

Do apply silicone water repellent; this helps to maintain the original look and prevents drying out.

All exotic skins are treated with different dyes to obtain different variations of colours. This allows the skins to each have its own unique muted look which is what we love.

Although the dyes are sealed to a degree, in line with international standards, we still do not recommend  exposing the skins to water.

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